Activate RapidPay via LEAP

RapidPay is the legal profession’s trusted provider of financial services, offering the ability to take credit and debit card payments, an automated receipting and reconciliation service, and an automated email and text payment reminder system for your clients.

Activation Requirements

To activate RapidPay you must complete a short application which is accessed through your LEAP software. You will need:

Your firm and bank account details
Administrator access to those bank accounts
A business registration document
Two forms of ID

(photo ID and a confirmation of address document i.e. utility bill) for all directors of the organisation (or the sole individual)

Enabling BACS Receipting and Reconciliation service

The first step of this process is enabling the BACS Receipting and Reconciliation service, these features are default. Please ensure this is completed by an executive, senior manager, or someone with significant responsibility for the control and management of your business:

Step 1

Go to LEAP > Menu > Other > RapidPay Activation

a. A window will open displaying your default Office and Client Accounts

b. If these are not the bank accounts you wish to activate, or nothing is showing, please ensure you enter your accounts to LEAP and make them your default accounts by following the steps outlined here.

Step 2

Click Activate, next to the bank account you wish to enable RapidPay for.

Step 3

The system will prompt you to enter your firm’s information. This may be pre-filled from your firm details in LEAP, please ensure it is correct and select NEXT

a. It is important you select the correct company type

Step 4

Enter your firms primary contact and billing contact information and select NEXT

Step 5

You will now be directed to our partner, TrueLayer’s website to verify and activate your bank accounts. Please ensure you have administrator access via your online banking

Step 6

RapidPay uses TrueLayer to connect your bank, and your transactional data to LEAP for the purposes of automated receipting and reconciliation. Select Allow

Step 7

Search and select your bank. Please ensure you select the correct online banking i.e. business or personal

Step 8

The system will prompt you to log into your online banking using your credentials. Once you have completed this you will be redirected to our billing partner, GoCardless, to set up a direct debit authority

Step 9

Enter your firm and billing information, please ensure you do not enter a client account as your billing account. Select Set up Direct Debit and Confirm

Continue the process to enable RapidPay

You will now receive a confirmation that RapidPay BACS and Client Account Reconciliation has been activated. The system will prompt you to continue the process to enable RapidPay online card payments and automatic email and text payment reminders.

Step 10

Select Continue (or from the account activation screen, Activate, next to the bank account you wish to enable)

Step 11

Click Get started

Step 12

Enter the details of your primary business representative, please ensure you tick the correct ownership information and select Next

Step 13

You may be prompted to upload government issued ID scanned in colour, and a proof of address document such as a bank statement or utility bill for each individual

Step 14

You will need to complete this process for all business owners by selecting Add business owner, once all owners have been added, select Continue

Step 15

Confirm your information is correct and select Done

Step 16

You will now receive a confirmation that this application process is complete. You will receive an update from RapidPay regarding card payments activation within 2 business days, we will contact you once your account is active or if we require any further information from you. You can still access RapidPay BACS and Client account reconciliation in the interim.


Repeat this process for your second account – note if you use the same online banking credentials for your office and client account, you only need to complete the process again for the online payments section of the application.


If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact us at