Get paid on time with RapidPay

RapidPay is the world’s leading online payment system specifically designed for small law firms and enables clients to pay their legal bills or deposit monies easily and securely.

Accept online payments

With RapidPay, clients can pay by all major credit cards. Payment options are displayed on the bottom of every invoice, and clients pay through an online portal which carries your name and logo.

Bank reconciliation made easy

Automatically import your bank data to enable reconciliation of your bank transactions at the touch of a button. Eliminate manual bank reconciliation to use your time for more productive, billable work.

Seamless integration with LEAP

RapidPay seamlessly and securely integrates with practice management software provider LEAP. This allows you to invoice as soon as you are entitled to do so, and easily reconcile accounts with automated bank feeds.



  • Free online payment set up
  • No minimum monthly fees
  • Free set up of automated bank feeds
  • *Some transaction fees may apply


Get paid sooner by accepting credit card

Offer your clients the option to pay by any major credit card to get paid sooner, leaving you time to focus on what you do best - helping clients resolve their legal issues. Accepting credit cards provides clients with ways to better manage their cash flow - and pay you on time.

How does RapidPay work?

Verify: simply verify your Client and Office bank accounts within LEAP and submit relevant application forms.

Activate: RapidPay will be activated once all documentation is approved.

Invoice: payment footers will automatically be included in your invoices and client statements.

Get paid: clients can pay by all major credit cards. Upon payment, view receipts automatically generated by RapidPay.

Automate: direct bank data feeds allow you to automatically reconcile bank transactions at the touch of a button.



Automate your receipting process and client account reconciliation

RapidPay’s BACS receipting service allows you to save time and money on unbillable administrative work by automatically allocating and sending receipts to the relevant contact. RapidPay also simplifies your client account reconciliation.

Invoice your client

Generate an invoice as soon as you are ready to bill for completed work. Remittance advice is automatically generated at the bottom of your invoice or posting slip.

Automatic receipt created

Once paid, your bank transactions are automatically receipted against the relevant invoice or posting slip in LEAP, and the receipt automatically sent to the relevant contact.

Daily client account reconciliation

RapidPay accepts bank data feeds from any bank. Daily transactions are securely fed into LEAP and are automatically matched against those found in LEAP.

Over 2,000 law firms choose RapidPay